Russian Federation, Kaluga

Catalog of marquees and awnings

  • Arched marquees: Dune, Hexagonal.

    Arched marquees: Dune, Hexagonal.

    The arched structure can be made in a 4-sided version (Dune), a 6-sided version (Hexagonal) and supplemented with tunnel modules. This type of marquee is well suited for outdoor events.
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  • Marquees Pagoda

    Marquees Pagoda.

    Marquees ranging from 9 to 100 sq.m. Square and hexagonal with a cone-shaped roof. They can be made in a professional version for more convenient use by rental companies.
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  • Gable marquees

    Gable marquees.

    Marquees with a large covering area, from 100 sq.m. Span width up to 50 meters. Unlimited length. Installation is carried out on any flat surface. Various flooring options. Fast installation.
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  • Marquees Pavilions

    Marquees Pavilions.

    It is possible to use transparent PVC walls, rigid walls, roofs with varying degrees of light transmission, cassette full, decorative lighting, cold or warm glazing, heating or air conditioning systems.
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  • Multifaceted marquees

    Multifaceted marquees.

    Mostly octagonal structures are well suited for organizing a cafe (both summer and winter), an exhibition pavilion, trade, and events. Wide optional capabilities for any purpose.
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  • Trading marquees

    Trading marquees.

    Marquees of various types for weekend fairs, trade at entertainment events and celebrations. Fast assembly and disassembly of the structure. Reusable. PVC tarpaulin made of non-combustible material.
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  • Spherical / Dome marquees

    Spherical / Dome marquees.

    The original form of a frame awning structure in the form of a sphere or a dome. Various combinations of transparent and non-transparent PVC material. Heating or air conditioning of the room is possible.
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  • Industrial marquees

    Industrial marquees.

    For construction work in unfavorable climatic conditions and in winter. Pre-fabricated building greenhouses based on an aluminum frame with a reusable PVC awning covering.
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  • Marquees Cubes

    Marquees Cubes.

    They differ from the "Pagoda" type marquees in the shape of the roof (without a cone). They can be equipped with an advertising frieze, have solid cold or warm glazing. Designed for a comfortable temporary stay in urban or natural conditions.
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  • Glamping marquees

    Glamping marquees.

    Tents can be installed on any level surface, in any tourist area. The collapsible design allows, in a short time, with minimal costs, to deploy spaces for comfortable accommodation of tourists.
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  • Awning Hangars

    Awning Hangars.

    We produce awning hangars based on anodized aluminum and PVC fabric frame. A hangar, warehouse or room can be designed by our company's employees, taking into account your design requirements.
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  • Awnings Sail (shade sail)

    Awnings Sail (shade sail).

    It is possible to use "sails" of different shapes and colors. Protect areas from the sun, precipitation, foliage, create coziness and a comfortable environment on summer verandas, parks, recreation areas, playgrounds.
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We use our own production profile in structures. With the same specific weight of the profile per one linear meter, our profile is stronger than the profiles used by other companies, on average, by 20%. Our profile has 3 cameras, not just one. We use the optimal drawing of the profile section. This ensures the high strength of our company's tents. We use an alloyed alloy that increases the profile strength by 15-20% compared to other common alloys. These properties of our profile are confirmed by tests and certificates.

Most of the models of our marquees can be upgraded and transformed, enlarged and reduced. Structures can be completed with rigid walls, ABS-panels, cassette floors, entrance groups, climate systems, electrical equipment and lighting.